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1.                A Project team will be established.  The Project of Sustainable Vocational Training with A Focus on Women’s Solidarity will be defined and local cooperation network  will be secured.

2.                The infrastructure of institutional formation of KAMEDAP (Platform for Vocational Solidarity among Women) will be founded.

3.                In the scope of increasing women employability and creating strategies for this purpose, the priorities of TR 83 provinces (Samsun, TOKAT, Çorum, Amasya) will be determined and a research  report will be prepared.

4.                A technology class will be formed in order to meet the technological infrastructure needs of  KAMEDAP.

5.                Training programs and course notes will be prepared in the scope of vocational course modules.

6.                First activity will be to help 125 unemployed women registered in job creating agency to acquire vocational skills in the following fields: “Family Training”, “Patient and Elderly Care”, “Baby –sitting and Training”, Herbal (Mader) Painting”, and “Kitchen Services and Cafeteria Administration”.  At the end of course certificates will be presented.

7.                For the national and international coordination network of KAMEDAP, bilateral cooperation agreement will be signed with at least three EU countries.  Thus, a network of qualified workforce, information, and coordination will be established for Turkey and EU countries.

8.                With the help of the national and international coordination network of KAMEDAP, it will be a common practice for local women of all ages to g oto EU countries, which will accelarate integration with EU.

9.                With the formation of KAMEDAP, women will be supported in their founding their own businesses and career guidance and counselling will be provided.

10.           In TR83 provinces (Samsun, TOKAT, Çorum, Amasya)

11.           Reducing cultural and other handicaps preventing women from being part of workworce will be succeeded and employed women will be encouraged to find work.

12.           The example of KAMEDAP institutional model will be published as a book and sent to the all city municipalities, related organizations, related ministries, and EU organizations, which will publicize the model.