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The grant project “Sustainable Vocational Training with a Focus on Women’s Solidarity”, which was developed by Gaziosmanpaşa University and accepted in the frame of grant program of – SUPPORTING WOMEN’S EMPLOYMENT- with the reference number TR07H1.02-001/PWE-343 signed on29th of July, 2010, started officially in our city.  The aim of this project, in which Tokat Municipality and Tokat Chamber of Artisans and Trade Corporation are also partners, is to form a cooperation network in which women will be trained professionally and employed in the fields the area needs workforce.  Thus, it was aimed to equip unemployment women with an entrepreneurship sense and increase their chances of being employed.  Main specific objectives of the project include creating a national and international cooperation network, performing examplary vocational training practices, and making this to be carried out on a continous basis.  With the formation of Vocational Solidarity Platform among Women (KAMEDAP) model which is planned to be formed within the scope of  the project, it will be tried to make the acquisitions permanent and sustainable.  This project with the KAMEDAP model aims to create and develop institutional cooperation and dialog capacity which will lead to an increase in the employment of unemployment women in the city centre along with the women working in the agriculture sector in the countryside of the province of Tokat.  

This project with its example of creating a network and capacity among various organizations of our area is important in that it will reduce cultural and other handicaps preventing women from being part of workworce and lead to a coopeation with EU countries developing an exchange  infrastructure and and coordination network oriented for women employment.  Not temporaray but permanent solutions will be secured for the problems of women with the stability and institutionalization of the KAMEDAP model.  It is expected that KAMEDAP  will be  successful and and be an example for the other provinces of the region in providing support in the employment of women.  The vocational training programs within the project scope  include “Family Training”, “Patient and Elderly Care”, “Baby-sitting and Training”, Herbal (Madder) Painting”, and “Kitchen Services and Administration of Cafeteries”.  For each course 25 unemployed women will be accepted and the course takers who will be successful at the end of the course will be presented with a certificate.  Those who are interested must be staying in Tokat and registered in Tokat İŞKUR – Job-Creating Agency.  Details are available at the web address: .  This is a public notice with our best regards